What the Kale!?

unnamedI have a love-hate relationship with lunch. There’s truly been no consensus on when lunch should be eaten. Is it noon? But, what if my day starts at 5am? If I eat breakfast at 6am do I really have to wait an entire 6 hours for lunch? Like most people I exercise on my lunch break, so should I eat my lunch before or after? How big should my lunch be? It’s all too much!

Don’t fret. There are no right answers to any of my questions despite what you read on the internet. Today for lunch I had a kale salad with olives, strawberries, cucumber, sun dried tomatoes and tuna. Instead of scarfing it down I ate it slowly so as to enjoy the aroma of the food (plus, I ate while I was typing this post so that helped slow me down).

Salads don’t have to be boring people. There’s more to life than iceberg lettuce. Be creative when making your salad. Throw something in there that’s out of the ordinary. I’d love to see what you come up with.