It seemed to appear out of nowhere. I’d been thin all my life, and then college happened. The freshman 15. Stress eating. In my environment I was still “ok” compared to a lot of people on campus, but why was I comparing myself? Then “it” happened. I went through a major failure in my personal life and somehow I gained nearly 40lbs. I don’t know why I said “somehow”. I know exactly how it happened. Stress eating. Tons of sugar and carbs. Processed food galore…

Slowly but steadily I managed to drop 30lbs by taking on a very active lifestyle. I still struggled with food (did I mention I’m addicted to sugar?), but since I burned an insane amount of calories daily it all balanced out.

Fast forward to today. I gained back 15lbs and I’m constantly disappointed in myself. This is why I started this blog.

I know I’m not the only person who struggles with food. When I say I love food…I LOVE food! I have no problem eating a full course meal full of carbs and sugar. The issue is, my 33 year old body doesn’t react the way it did when I was 17.

My plan for this blog is to focus my attention on writing when I start to have cravings. I want to explore my relationship with food so that I live out my days eating the right foods for the right reasons. I want to love myself whether I’m 155lbs or 175lbs. I want to do better and be better.

I started this blog because I saw myself spiraling down a dangerous path. I started this blog to hold myself accountable. I started this blog because I’m not the only one afraid of saying “I have an unhealthy relationship with food.” Follow me on this journey toward becoming what I eat.

If you want to encourage me stay tuned…